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We are a creative consulting agency - We continuously seek between design and technology. We help businesses to find the best creatives to craft honest, emotional experiences through marketing strategy, brand development, graphic design... and Arts! Our hand-picked team is here to provide you the right balance of skills to work.

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Services offered by Sacrebleu New York

Continuously Creating!

Art Consulting

Reach us for finding emergent and promising international artists to leverage the creativity of your project! We also provide specific guidance to apply and submit proposal for US grants, programs, residencies or contests.

Sponsorship US visa O

Want to give American dream a try? Visa Sponsors for foreign Artists - Advices and support for new US-based artists! Join us and start your new American adventure!

Tech Art Consulting

We also provide support and guidance for your art & tech projects: project management and organization, high level design and technical overview and architecture. Art & tech is a succesful way to communicate with your audience!

Need a creative team in New York?

Our creative process

That's How We Do It

1. Planning

2. Idea

3. Design

4. Development

5. Result

Meet the Sacrebleu Team

Creative Nerds

Yannick Pazze is currently CEO of Sacrebleu LLC, an Consulting Art Agency based in New York.

Y. Pazzé is a French international and multicultural business developer with experience in sales, market research, business plan writing, marketing and project management.

Yannick Pazzé
Founder - CEO
Chloe Guennou is currenlty CTO of Sacrebleu LLC, an Consulting Art Agency based in New-York.

C. Guennou is former astrophysicist, and now a research engineer, passionate about art in general. With a strong scientific background, she brings the maths to the team! Eyes on the stars, but the feet firmly on the ground!

Chloé Guennou
Founder - CTO

Our Story

Algebra, number series and code lines.

Stars, discipline, generosity and authenticity.

Scientist, an Artistic spirit and a mastery of innovative technologies...

The ying.

Projects, humanistic management, empirical knowledge.

Journeys, Culture, Mindfulness, Polymorphism.

A manager, a free thinker and an idea machinist.

The yang.

Marketing 100%
100% Complete
Brand DNA 90%
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Art Exhibitions 95%
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